Residential Duct Work

Duct work is the system either in your attic or if you have a mobile home it is under your home. The duct work carries the cool air to the various rooms in your home.

We get calls from customers wanting to clean their duct work. Most duct work does not need to be cleaned unless it has come apart and then it may just need to be repaired. There is a membrane on the inside of the duct that you do not want to break by putting brushes etc inside the duct.

We do have a variety of sprays that will sanitize and freshen your duct. One is a bacteriostat that will kill germs etc in your duct work.

Ridge Air Conditioning recommends UV Lights to assist with keeping your air handlers clean and along with that your duct work.

Another product on the market is a Reme Halo which kills a variety of viruses, germs and mold. Again this is installed in the air handler and will keep the air clean especially for family members with allergies.